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A HUGE plus when booking at Wolfe Canyon Ranch is the fact that we are not exclusive with any catering company. Our couples get to pick and choose what type of caterer they would prefer. We have had food trucks, local sushi restaurants, fruit carts, and more! Couple of things to consider when shopping around for the right caterer;


-               Consider your event size and specific needs when choosing a caterer. There are different catering styles including a plated dinner service, food stations, buffet tables, food truck catering etc. Decide how fancy you want to get and work off your venue vibe.

-               Take a look at the event caterer's testimonials. Real reviews from previous clients will help make a decision on whether that caterer is right for you or not.

-               Review the caterer’s price list. Pricing is important and will help you weigh out the options on the catering style.

-               Schedule a tasting. Reviews and photos are great but be sure to taste their food ahead of time before making your final decision.


We have an AWESOME Preferred Vendor List here at Wolfe Canyon Ranch which consists of many talented and local catering companies. Be sure to email Jenelle with any questions you may have as we are always here to help plan your special celebration. Email :


Photography : Gina Reese Photography

Catering : Fire & Wood Catering


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