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Give your horse a beautiful home in the majestic Wolfe Canyon Ranch Barn

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Here at Wolfe Canyon Ranch we offer a variety of boarding options. We have 12 X 12 box stalls, 24 X 24 1/2 covered pipe corrals, and two options of pasture boarding. The box stalls are in the majestic Wolfe Barn. This barn consists of 38 stalls, a huge well ventilated center aisle, multiple cross-tie areas, lockers for individual boarders, tack rooms for trainers with their clientele, a warm lounge with patio, and a laundry room with a washer and dryer.  Right outside the barn are wash racks with hot and cold running water.

There are 10 of the Creekside pipe corrals and 12 of the Hillside pipe corrals. Each corral has a 3’ space between them and are well-bedded for comfort. There are 2 pastures. One is very large and can house up to 12 horses and the smaller pasture can hold up to 7 horses.
We offer several amenities that are included in your board. There are several types of hay available. Alfalfa, Orchard, Bermuda, 3-way, Meadow, and Timothy (additional cost).

One of the greatest features of all, is our wonderful ranch hand who has an apartment inside the barn. He is clean, caring, and a wonderful person to have in our barn family. He truly cares for all the animals.


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